New--Abdul & the Well Hung Men

Abdul is a new character, like the well hung men, who are destined to become regulars in the Out to Lunch blogesphere. He is a hapless little chap who can't seem to get anything right. He's ineffectual, short, probably a Napoleonic complex and, unlike the real suicide bombers, keeps on blowing himself up but coming back time after time. How does he do this? Well he's a toon folks and anyone who's seen Roger Rabbit knows that you can't kill a toon.

The other point about Abdul is he represents that with which I hate with a passion, extremists and if I can ridicule them and make them look small and pathetic, then you can bet your ass I will.

Look out for more from Abdul and the well hung men from time to time here at Out to Lunch

Kirk to Out to Lunch

Todays cartoon comes with an added bonus: The production of the Captain Kirk cartoon has been filmed and put up on Youtube. you can follow the link here or you could always wait until tomorrow and I'll post it on the home page---but of course you wont want to will you, you over excited little thing you.

It's all part of my idea to give you as many uploads as possible, and as soon as out to lunch gets a big enough following I can start to post new cartoons every day. I'm also hoping, once a have enough of them, to give the video's a page of their own.

All very exciting, and all happening here so stay tooned for more of the same

Best laid plans of mice and men...

Well today's plan was to film myself drawing the cartoon so you could see what I did and then go to the cartoon. Simple plan but it didn't go as planned.

First off I couldn't find my gag book, and after quite literally tearing the house apart I found it reposing under the arm chair; quite what it was doing there is beyond me---perhaps the spiders dragged it under for a laugh, who knows but it would explain the Munchkin style giggling I heard two nights ago and the fact that I've just received a friends request from a itsy-bitsy from Brecon. 

Then I couldn't find the tri-pod to put the camera on to actually film myself drawing today's Out to Lunch comic. So back to the house wrecking I went and after another hour which almost saw me removing the foundations of the entire house in the vague hope that one day, in my infinite LACK of wisdom I might just have dug the house up to find a very safe hiding place, I suddenly remembered where I'd put it: I'd lent it to my daughter who, being a teenager, was still in bed at her mothers, so I'm afraid this week, it didn't happen but next week IT MOST DEFINITELY WILL.

On another point. Whilst drawing today's cartoon I thought up another on along the same theme and that will be posted next Friday, so make a note in your diary; Friday, another picture about well hung men.

Adios my friends until next time

Good Start

Well a big thank you goes out from the bottom of my heart to all of you for giving Out to Lunch such a good start; over 200 hits last week with a peak on the actual days that I posted new panels and all this from just your good selves so you can all give yourself a big round of applause...or just a big round for those who like celebrating one way only.

I fully intend to make this blog work, and if I can turn it into a living (albeit at some point in the future) then all the better. So far I have you first glorious stalwarts, and you will always be able to say that you were there when it first began. But with twitter, YouTube and all manner of other things I have planned to make our little cartoon as big as possible, I hope you keep on coming back to see it all unfold before your very eyes.

Stay tuned folks, the fun is just beginning

New Way of Doing Things

I wanted this blog to look as much like a webcomic as it could without actually forking out for a designer or having to learn too much about the laying out and stuff.

So my thought was to actually give the blog section it's own tab and here I am.

Here I can waffle on endlessly about ideas I have or might be having (if the mood takes me), other web comics and just general stuff. So feel free to keep this bit checked, as it is here I'll be telling you stuff; secret stuff that no one except you me and the others who log on to get their ribs tickled will know.


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