About Out to Lunch

Out to Lunch is an idiom that quite simply means, 'not all there' and even after the briefest of perusals through the archives I'm sure you'll agree that this is a fairly  apt description of my cartoon world and the characters that inhabit it.

In Out to Lunch there are no sacred cows; I have no hidden agenda in these cartoons, if I think it warrants a little stab, then I will generally skewer it! Out to Lunch can be set anywhere in time, space, literature or the media: It's only remit is that it should hold up a mirror to the absurd. I like situations that make me see the silly side, so if I think its funny, I'll put it in. If its controversial, I'll put it in and if I think some overstuffed and self important individual, organisation or section of society is going to squirm, then I'LL DEFINITELY PUT IT IN

But basically, Out to Lunch is just about being silly and putting what's on my mind into a little square box and letting the world and his wife take a look.

Enjoy, my friends